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Experience scuba diving


The scuba diving around Krabi is some of the best that Thailand has to offer. With sites to suit all experience levels, consistently good visibility, and wide array of underwater life, it is a great place to learn to dive, or log some fun dives if certified already. Sheltered sites close to the islands provide a perfect training ground for new divers. In addition, wrecks and various other open ocean sites can impress even the most experienced divers. It is possible to see blacktip sharks, leopard sharks, sea turtles, pufferfish, nemos, barracudas, moray eels, giant schools of fusiliers, trevaly, cuttlefish, and macro life such as nudibranchs, shrimps, and pipefish. Diving in Krabi is possible year-round, but the best conditions are generally November to May.

Phi Phi Island by Speed Boat


The fabulous Phi Phi Islands are only 45 minutes away from Krabi by speed boat. This famous archipelago, despite attracts many people everyday, is still one of the best place to spend a sea day, due to the white color of its beach, the rich marine life to admire during snorkeling and the incredible landscapes that she offers. Moreover the new century brought Phi Phi Island into the legend thanks to “The Beach”, the movie with Leonardo di Caprio, that gave of this Island the image of the place where everybody would dream to get lost.

Radarom Spa


Everybody knows that Thailand is famous for the traditional Thai massage and that time by time this healthy activity has been developed up to offer a large variety of treatments finalized to guarantee intensive relax and wellness; therefore to spend a few hours in a Spa is a must during an holiday in the Kingdom. Radarom Spa, beside a wide menu of treatments, gives to its customers the right atmosphere, professional therapists and an experience that should not be missed.

Dragon Crest Hiking


An experience not to be missed for the most daring: a hiking of more than 3.5 km to reach the most spectacular scenic spot in Krabi Province with a view stretching from Ao Nang to Phang Nga Bay and beyond. The track develops into a true jungle where the songs of the insect that inhabits it, will provide a soundtrack more than appropriate and between a stream and a waterfall, mushrooms and tropical flowers, sweat and fatigue the top will be reached. Everything else is spectacle.

Hong Island by Long Tail Boat


Half a day to visit one of the most spectacular destinations of the Andaman Sea and explore the secrets of this beautiful island whose beauty is enhanced by the lagoon located behind the main beach: a majestic environment where you can find yourself in harmony with yourself and nature. The white beach, the crystal clear sea and the marine fauna. A stop at Lao Ladin Island (known as Paradise Island) and on Pak Bia Island will complete this tour of bathing, snorkeling and relaxation. Mask and snorkel available and water and fruit on board.