Klong Muang Dream House is the story of a love at first sight, of a casual encounter. It is in fact the product of a decision taken right there and then, as it is often the case in life. It was as if we were looking for each other and eventually managed to meet at Koh Kwang Beach, under the dense and tedious rain of the wet season.

We (Alice, Claudio and I) were looking for something that could fit for an expansion of our well-established activity in the tourism services industry. She (Klong Muang Dream House) awaited someone who could take her by the hand and guide her into some sort of splendor.

And that’s how we hooked up!

Since then, we fashioned Klong Muang Dream House from our own image. She now introduces herself to the world with Alice’s smiling and familiar face, and in a short time she has gathered plenty of encouraging approvals from the guests who stayed in her rooms.

We are now ready to begin, together with those of you who will choose us, a new season full of hopes and, hopefully, full of satisfactions.

The story continues… We are just waiting for you.


Some numbers during our first year

632 Tours sold





She is the true soul of KMDH. She adds freshness and enthusiasm to a team with great experience in the world of tourism. She also brings in her managerial skills from years of work in International companies in Bangkok.




More than 25 years in Thailand as Manager of some of the most important local tour operators. He is the fantasy that leaves place to order and organization, is the “behind-the-scenes” experience, the solution to your problems, pragmatism at work.



Guest relations and Social

In Thailand since 1993 and based in Krabi from the beginning of the new century, he has always been working in tourism with the worldwide market sector. He is the “social face” of the team, the one who likes to discover new places and source new activities to propose to KMDH guests.


Koh Kwang village consists of just a few local houses lined along the road and interrupted here and there by a couple of big hotels. Local restaurants and a few guest-houses complete a landscape that truly and naturally makes you feel you are in Thailand.

The beach is just a short walk from the main road. There, you will find what you probably didn’t expect to find: beautiful sand, clear water, stunning sceneries overlooking the picturesque Phang Nga Bay and its hundreds of islands, and superb limestones, emerging from the water of the Andaman Sea as if they wanted to form a forest of rocks.

Among these rocky islands, a bare 20 minutes by long-tail boat, sailing in the direction of the sunset, stands the majestic Hong Island, with its amazing beach and its lagoon decorated by a mangrove forest and inhabited by timid tropical animals, hard to see but whose presence is felt.

Koh Kwang beach marks its times at the rhythm of the tides that change its appearance several times throughout the day, each day.

In the morning, when the sun lazily rises from behind, the beach slowly turns to life: fishermen’s boats are back, loaded with their night-time catch; the beach restaurants begin to open their doors and the first clients turn up to have their breakfast before spending quality time on the beach.

Day run slowly at Koh Kwang, as slow as the flat movement of the undertow. It seems that even the passage of time doesn’t want to disturb the serenity of those enjoying the beach, waiting for the sunset, the night and yet another day of holiday. It is from sunset onward that Koh Kwan beach begins to shine in all its beauty: the sun, during its setting journey towards the horizon, lights up hundreds of shades of yellow and red, and thousands of colorful beams enlighten the restaurants, where myriad of flavors, mingling together, rise from the different kitchens.

It is here, in this amazing frame made up of sea, fish, tradition, vitality and peace that nature appears in all its simplicity, through palm trees, a sandy beach and the surrounding landscape. It is in this corner of Thailand, a place that seems to have been tailor-made for relaxation, that Klong Muang Dream House finds its own discreet space.

Designed for a simple yet comfortable holiday, Klong Muang Dream House is where your soul and your spirit can fly.